Man Appetizers

Sometimes an appetizer doesn't cut your hunger before you meal. Chef Bob Stephenson from FnG Eats hopes to change that with his recipe for hearty Primadita.

Primadita a.k.a. Prime Rib Quesadilla

2 each 6" pita, choose your favorite
5 ounces shaved prime rib or roast beef-cooked
2 ounces grated cheese, we prefer Swiss and sharp cheddar
1 ounce grilled onions
½ ounce roasted red peppers, julienne
½ ounce roasted poblano peppers-julienne
As needed melted butter
2 ounces aujus, your favorite rendition
1 ounce creamy horseradish

Preheat your grill to about 325°.

Your prime rib is best shaved cold from leftovers the night before.  We cook prime rib just for this dish the day before, chill it to 40° and slice it thin.  Place the meat in a skillet on your grill top, or in a perforated pan to get some of the grilled flavor.  Cook to desired temperature. 

While meat cooks, brush one side of each slice of pita with butter.  Grill lightly.  On one piece of the pita, place the cheese to begin melting.  If you are a cheese-o-holic, feel free to double up the cheese and put it on both pieces of pita. 

Top the cheese with peppers, onions and the cooked prime rib.  Place the second piece of pita over the meat and press lightly.  Continue to cook for 2 more minutes to melt the cheese and bind the primadita. 

Remove from heat and cut in to 4 equal triangle piece.  Place the pieces on the plate shingled in a long row.  Serve with side dished of Aujus and Creamy Horseradish for dipping.