Cowboys player Joe Looney visits Arlington school for breakfast

Dallas Cowboys center Joe Looney dished up a healthy dose of nutrition and wellness for a group of North Texas elementary school students Tuesday morning.

Short Elementary is one of four elementary schools in Arlington ISD that began bringing breakfast into the classrooms this year.

A spokesperson for the school district said it increased the number of kids eating breakfast each morning by more than 50%.

It was the largest increase among the four schools and one of the reasons the students got the chance to meet Looney.

The Cowboys player played games with the kids and shared tips for eating healthy. He told them his favorite breakfast includes eggs, bacon, toast with jelly and lots of chocolate milk.

“I remember growing up I didn’t really learn about healthy eating until I got to high school. So if we can show these kids what to eat, the right foods to eat to make them feel good and ultimately live a healthy life,” he said. “I have two kids and I want them to grow up to be healthy, be athletes or whatever they want to do – do it at 100%. That’s what we ultimately want for our kids is to be successful.”

The breakfast is provided through the free and reduced meal program in Arlington ISD.

District officials are hoping to expand the program next year to other schools.