Gifts when you’re home for the holidays

Whether entertaining, hosting guests or simply giving your house a holiday glow, these products are poised to help.

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Lucerna 2 by Vornado

Treat your guest room nightstand to Lucerna by Vornado.  It boasts a timeless style for a modern era with bold gunmetal finishes, copper accents, and a textured amber tank which gives off candle-like illumination while providing moisture to the air. Two speed settings and three brightness levels can be easily adjusted using the touch controls on the base. The 1-gallon tank provides up to 2-gallon output every 24 hours with a dual fan system to efficiently and evenly distribute the humidity. | Buy It

Eli and Elm Weighted Comforter

This comforter is worth its weight!  Your overnight guests will sleep soundly thanks to thousands of micro glass beads evenly distributed throughout the comforter to achieve the right amount of weight for a calm and comfort. | Buy It

Mixy Craft Cocktail Kit

Mixy’s pre-mixed jars bring out the mixologist in all of us! Each jar of dehydrated pre-mixed flavors means you don’t have to hire or be the mixologist at your next party! Simply add 12 ounces of the spirit of your choice or (non-alcohol) ginger ale/soda/tonic water to the jar, let it infuse and put in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. Shake, strain and serve up to 16 times! Great alone or you can add to your favorite cocktail recipes. | Buy It

Damask Cake Pop Kit

Impress your guests when you serve cake pops at your holiday party.  Pre-measured ingredients make it easy to ensure that each ball has the perfect moist consistency to properly attach to the stick. No crumbling here. Plus, coatings are designed for easy and smooth melting. Decorating cake pops has never been so easy. | Buy It

Pearled Candle by Foton

Turn any container into a unique decoration because Foton pearls take on the shape of whatever you add them to.  Less waste means more burn time.  Just remove the wick and start again.  They are endlessly customizable and even float on water! | Buy It

Mannkitchen Pepper Cannon

Let's rip the Band-Aid off. This pepper cannon comes with a $200 price tag. But chefs and home cooks swear by it!  Ordinary mills can only grind pepper in the 12-28 mesh size range. The Pepper Cannon can grind from 8 all the way past 60 – coarse enough for stocks and roast beef, and finer than the pre-ground pepper you’ve been forced to buy because your mill wasn’t up for the task. A double-bearing supported drive shaft that powers high-carbon stainless steel burrs ensures you get the best grind, every time. | Buy It

Gabby’s Dollhouse Advent Calendar

The Gabby’s Dollhouse Advent calendar is packed with 24 exciting presents to discover each day, making it a super fun way to count down the days till the holidays! | Buy It

Rune Wood iPad Cutting Board

Watch your favorite cooking videos right on the side of your board! A perfect groove for holding your tablet is cut into the back edge of this solid wood board and also functions as a run-off for juices. A deeper portion of the groove keeps the juices separated from your tablet, or works for tablets without a cover. It's dishwasher compatible and comes with a lifetime of free resurfacing. | Buy It

Pickleball Santa Ornament

The company may be old-world but their ideas and themes are always brand new.  This year Santa is all about the new sport sweeping the country- pickleball!  This gorgeous glass ornament captures him ready to play! | Buy It

BlendQuik Portable Blender

This fashionable addition to your kitchen or gym bag allows you to blend and even crush ice thanks to its 10 blades. Additionally, it's ideal for grinding spices, turning your cooking experiences into flavorful adventures. Whether you're on a health kick or exploring culinary creativity, BlendQuik is your ultimate companion.  Onboard battery is rechargeable. | Buy It