Dallas weather: Snow flurries possible as arctic front moves into North Texas

It is going to be a cold weekend in North Texas.

An arctic front moved through the area early Friday morning.

For most of Friday, it is going to be cold and cloudy with a slight breeze.


Now onto what everybody wants to know: Will we see snow?

There is a chance you could see some scattered flurries as the air mass moistens up, starting around 10 or 11 p.m. on Friday night.

Fair warning, any flurries that do form will fall into dry air, so there is a chance they evaporate before reaching the ground.

The area with the greatest chance of seeing some flurries is to the north and west of the Metroplex.


There could also be some sprinkles down south.

Any chance of seeing snow will be gone by sunrise Saturday.

It won't be a big deal, we just don't want you to be shocked if you see a flake fall.

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7-Day Forecast

Bring on the cold! 

Early morning temperatures on Saturday and Sunday will be near or below freezing.

Temperatures will work their way up to the 50s in the afternoon on Sunday before the next batch of clouds come through.

Monday will likely be gray with some spotty rain.

Temperatures will get up to the 60s starting on Tuesday.

Thanksgiving Forecast

The potential rain on Wednesday shouldn't put a damper on your Turkey Day plans.

Right now, the forecast is looking dry on Thanksgiving with a high of 62 and a low of 48.