The Tex Factor: National Soccer Hall of Fame

When the National Soccer Hall of Fame in New York closed in 2010, FC Dallas owner Dan Hunt told us "It didn’t sit well" with him and his brother Clark. After all, their father, Lamar Hunt, not only founded the North American Soccer League and Major League Soccer, but was enshrined in the hall as one of the sport’s great contributors. But that wasn’t the sole reason for bringing the National Hall of Fame to Frisco, TX. 

The Hunt brothers thought it was important that the sport of soccer’s builders, players, coaches, teams, and moments that made soccer the biggest sport in the world, got the recognition they deserved. It also would become the first major sports Hall of Fame located within a stadium. The Tex Factor takes you on a tour of the Hall known for its interactive stations, from virtually juggling a ball, and stopping a goal, to photo-bombing some of the greatest soccer moments in history. 

Former FC Dallas forward Kenny Cooper, Jr. shows you how to juggle a real soccer ball. Owner Dan Hunt goes on to tell us why soccer is the biggest sport in the world, how his father is inducted into three different Halls of Fame, and talks about the Dallas bid for World Cup 2026. 

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