The Tex Factor: National Videogame Museum

Whether you grew up with Pong, PAC-MAN or Mario, video games have played a role in most of our lives. 

Video game technology has grown exponentially since the 70s. There is a place in Frisco, Texas, for video game lovers that will send gamers of all ages back to a time when life was all about high scores and hanging with friends. 

The National Videogame Museum is the only museum dedicated to the video game industry’s preservation and history. 


The Tex Factor spoke to co-owner John Hardie about his computer and video game collections that fill the more than a 10,000-square-foot museum. John gives us a personal tour, which includes 20 interactive exhibits, a 70s-themed living room, an 80s-themed bedroom, and an 80s-themed full arcade with all your past-time favorites. 

The vintage video games aren’t just to look at. You can sit down and play all the gaming consoles of the past, from the first PlayStation and X-Box to the fan-favorite Texas-sized Pong game. And if early computers are your game, they have those too, and all ready to play.  

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