Troy Aikman: Cowboys’ handling of Jason Garrett shines light on team’s dysfunction

The Dallas Cowboys are looking for a new head coach after finally announcing they will not extend Jason Garrett’s contract.

FOX 4 Sports’ Mike Doocy spent some time on the phone Sunday night with Hall of Famer Troy Aikman, who is a close friend of Jason Garrett.

Aikman is disappointed with the way the Cowboys have handled this whole Garrett situation.

“When the organization was unwilling to come out publically and say that we are seeking a new coach and yet at the same time reports are coming out that they are interviewing potential new candidates for the head coaching position, that’s disappointing. I think in a lot of ways it shines the light on some of the I guess dysfunction if you will within the organization and kind of how they got to the point that they are in now,” he said.

He said he’s disappointed that Garrett wasn’t given more consideration with all he put into the organization throughout the years.

As Aikman alluded to, the interview process started before Garrett's departure was finalized. Former longtime Bengal’s coach Marvin Lewis was in for a visit. And Mike McCarthy, the former Packers coach who led Green Bay to a Super Bowl championship ironically at AT&T Stadium, had an interview that reportedly spanned a two-day period starting Saturday and ending Sunday.

"I think the world of Mike McCarthy and his resume speaks for itself. Is it a good fit? It’s a good fit if you allow the coach to be the coach and be the voice. And I think that Mike, as he was in Green Bay, he was the voice. He was the guy that people answered to, so you have to at least address that. You can’t say OK well then he can replicate that. He can replicate that if he’s given the same opportunity," Aikman said.

The Cowboys have reportedly agreed to hire McCarthy, sources told the Associated Press. The team is expected to make an announcement later this week.