Dallas Stars help make young hockey fan's dream a reality

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The Dallas Stars and the Make-a-Wish Foundation made a young hockey fan’s dream come true.

Anderson McDuffie got the chance to create his own hockey team and play against the pros.

“It’s like they’re pirates or something. They’re swashbuckling. The refs are letting it all go. McDuffie wants a piece of Comeau!” the announcer said as Anderson went up against Dallas Stars player Blake Comeau.

Anderson picked his brother and best friends to join him on his team – the EKGs.

Hockey has been his motivation through everything. At 10 years old, he’s already had two open-heart surgeries and several other procedures.

He’s been determined to recover and tapped into that fighter’s spirit on the ice.

“I was standing up on the blue line playing defense and he was coming after me, so I had to defend myself,” said Stars player John Kingsberg.

“There’s a reason Klingberg doesn’t fight,” joked Stars captain Jamie Benn.

It was a spirited game until the very finish. The kids won 6-5.

LINK: ntx.wish.org