Woman recovers late father's stolen dirt bikes

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A woman's heartbreak from the loss of her father was compounded by the theft of his beloved dirt bikes.

She didn't give up until she could recover what was so dear to her dad.

About two years ago, FOX 4 told you about a couple of dirt bikes that were stolen after the owner died in an accident. One especially had sentimental value, and his daughter has never stopped trying to find it.

Her mother caught it on video as her daughter when that special bike was returned.

For almost three years, Beth Adams has been on a quest to find her father's motorcycle.

“It's like a piece of him went away, went with the bike,” she said.

Chris Adams died in a motorcycle accident. A few months later, the dirt bike he raced and that she treasured was stolen. Beth found the motorcycle for sale on line and began tracking it down.

“His gas tank, it was an aftermarket gas tank. It was yellow, she said. “I was like, ‘That's my dad's bike!’”

It wasn't until she contacted the Tri-County Auto Theft Task Force that Mansfield Captain Stan Davis and Burleson Detective Scott Bartlett recovered the bike and returned it to Adams in time for her birthday last weekend.

"Signified a lot of good memories with her dad,” Bartlett said. “I felt it was her birthday and the right thing to do to get it to her."

Police say the bike had been purchased by an innocent third party who didn't know it was stolen. Harley Finley gladly took the loss on the bike and returned it to Adams.

"It's been a big struggle for me mentally and emotionally,” Beth said. “So this felt like I got a piece of my dad back. I thought I'd never see again.”

Detectives say if they can find a lead to the person who originally stole the motorcycle they will go after them.