Woman asleep in car killed by stray bullet

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A woman who was asleep in a car in Oak Cliff was killed by a stray bullet overnight.

Dallas police said the car was parked on the grass outside a home on Grinnell Street, near Lancaster Road and Kiest Boulevard. Carolyn Parrish was sleeping in it because her family wouldn’t allow her dog inside.

Just after midnight, family members told police they heard gunfire. 

"I heard gunshots, came out to check on her and she wasn't responding. I noticed she had blood coming out of her chest so that's all. We didn't see no car, no nothing. My kids were in the room. They got to crawling on the floor and I just came out here to check on her," said Kena Young, Parrish's son's girlfriend.

Responding officers broke the car’s window and found Parrish dead inside. Police didn’t say if her dog was injured.

Homicide detectives don’t believe the 66-year-old was a target. Instead, they think she was hit by a stray bullet. Several shell casings were located along the street.

They are hoping someone in the area might have caught something on surveillance video. They plan to walk the area to see what they can find.