Witness describes deadly trash truck crash that killed pedestrian in Dallas

A grand jury will decide if a driver will face charges in a deadly accident that killed a woman crossing the street Friday afternoon in Oak Cliff.

Mayra Orozco was standing outside her bridal shop on Jefferson and Zang when she heard a dump truck run over and kill 52-year-old Lilia Soto. She says the gruesome images are seared into her memory.

“All her body was absolutely damaged.” she said. “I believe in God, I pray to Him to take these images I saw in front of my face, in my head because it's very difficult.”

Orozco says she went to Soto but there was nothing that could be done, so she prayed with her in her final moments.

“The only words I could tell her were don't worry about it, God is only picking you up, God is with you, don't worry,” she told FOX 4 through tears.

One of Orozco’s employees was walking behind Soto when she was hit. Witnesses say Soto was in the crosswalk and had the right of way, and that the Waste Connections dump truck turned and hit her.

The driver and another man in the truck stopped and stayed on scene to talk to police.

“They're very sorry. I feel bad for them too because I don't think they did it on purpose, I know it just happened.” said Orozco. “He didn't see her because it's a big truck.”

By Saturday morning, someone left candles and flowers to honor Soto where she died.

Police say the case will be turned over to a grand jury to decide if the driver will be charged with criminally negligent homicide.

Those who work in the neighborhood say they knew Soto because she was often in the area selling clothes from a catalog. They tell FOX 4 the woman leaves behind children and a husband, but those we spoke to say that drivers not stopping for pedestrians is a common problem in the area.

“They drive so fast, even if you have the right to walk, you have to watch the cars,” said Orozco. 

There is no timeline on when the grand jury might hear the case. It could take up to several months.