With more government workers in need, North Texas food banks having trouble staying stocked

The need to help those impacted by the government shutdown has hit food banks at a time of the year when they're already struggling.

Food banks around North Texas said still trying to replenish their shelves from the holidays while they're also getting calls and visits from federal workers in greater numbers.

Government employees say they are grateful for the assistance, and food banks are determined to help.

Federal workers who picked up food donation boxes at the Community Food Bank in Fort Worth asked not to speak or be seen on camera.

"We're seeing on average, five to seven employees per day,” said Karen Harris, with Community Food Bank. “We are skipping them ahead of the process, if you will."

Pre-stocked boxes for government shutdown affected workers are complete with meat, canned goods, drinks, and snacks. There's even pet food if needed.

"We inform them, and they have to bring in a government ID. We are not really tracking any other information," said Rick Bousquet, with Harvesting International Ministries.

Meanwhile, a collective collaboration among North Texas food banks is also happening.

Friday's meeting at a Mansfield church laid the framework for a blanket approach to helping out.

"If we can help save you $100, $125, or $150 a week to apply toward your gas or utility bills or whatever, that's what we are here for," Bousquet added.

At Community Food Bank, there’s the realization that even during a transitional phase with the temporary deal to re-open the government, families will still need food.

"They are grateful, they are humbled,” Harris said. “Some express concern because this is a place they never thought they would be."

The food banks that are seeing greater demand say they need to be able to keep up with the needs of many families.

For those wishing to help, the Community Food Bank in Fort Worth could use more produce foods (fruits and vegetables). Click here for more information on how to donate.