Widow files lawsuit over husband’s death in icy I-35 Fort Worth pileup

A Fort Worth woman has filed a lawsuit related to the icy pileup on Interstate 35 in February that killed her husband.

He was one of six people killed in the chain reaction crash in the morning hours of February 11 that involved more than 130 vehicles on I-35W.

The lawsuit states that the Texas Department of Transportation and other entities responsible for maintaining the road failed to discover hazards or defects on the road and failed to de-ice and close the highway because of the conditions and failed to monitor the weather.

A preliminary NTSB investigation noted that the interstate had been treated with a brine solution two days prior to the crash.

The agency also said it would conduct an investigation to examine the road treatment strategies used to address the freezing conditions.

The suit is against entities public and private responsible for maintaining that road.

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