What's next for the 280 arrested during ICE operation in Allen?

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Families have been waiting outside a Dallas Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility all day Thursday, eager to be reunited with their loved ones who are being released on bond.

They're waiting for loved ones to be released from federal custody after they were arrested during an illegal worker raid at CVE Technology Group in Allen on Wednesday.

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An immigration attorney says it will likely be months before these cases go before a judge - due to the legal system being overloaded with similar cases.

A sole protestor tried to rally support from motorists driving by on Thursday.

"The inhumanity of what we do to so many of our people, our neighbors,” said Charles Hurmes.

At a church in Plano, many of the arrested immigrants got free legal advice from LULAC and Light of Hope.

Erica Salvador is a single mother from Mexico. She's been in the U.S. for 27 years.

”I don't have nothing in my country because always working for this country and I do everything here in this country,” she said.

Salvador is one of 280 CVE employees ICE says are in the United States illegally.

The special agent in charge of the operation said a year-long investigation determined those employees were working with fraudulent paperwork.

Video released by ICE showed the 200 local, state and federal agents storming the building.

Immigration attorney Fernando Dubove is representing several of the arrested CVE employees. He says those without a criminal history or prior deportation are being released without paying a bond.

Dubove explained the two documents his clients were asked to sign by ICE agents.

“This is an order of release on recognizance. This basically says we're going to release you without a bond with promise to report at a future date,” Dubove said. “The other document was basically acknowledging that they had been served the charging document.”

As the legal process plays out, CVE remains open for business, with those like Salvador - who are living in limbo – forced to wait it out.

“It's very hard for everybody, not only for me, for everybody,” she added.

FOX 4’s Alex Boyer tried to talk to CVE management about the raid, but was kicked off their property by security.

Calls to the company went unanswered.