Viral surveillance video leads to theft suspect's arrest in Carrollton

Carrollton police are looking for a second burglary suspect. His alleged accomplice has already been arrested thanks to social media.

The break in happened on Aug. 30. Homeowner James Mcnulty said his wife had forgotten to arm the alarm system before leaving the house, but their surveillance cameras captured everything that happened… up until the point the men took the camera.

Mcnulty said he and his wife came home to find the house torn up and thousands of dollars’ worth of items missing.

"I had just ordered a lot of musical equipment over the weekend and that is what was specifically taken,” he said.

The family decided to share the surveillance video on Facebook. Thousands of people shared it and tens of thousands viewed it.

Carrollton police were able to identify the two men from the video and recover some of the stolen property from local pawn shops.

Dallas police have since arrested one of the suspects, 29-year-old Brenton Freeney, on unrelated charges. He’s expected to be charged for this break-in soon.

Detectives are actively searching for the second suspect. They believe they know who he is. It’s now just a matter of finding him.