Vigil held for Stephenville 4-year-old who drowned in splash pad

A vigil was held for a 4-year-old boy who died over the weekend from drowning. 

The drowning happened in Stephenville Saturday about 80 miles southwest of Fort Worth.

It happened while the boy was playing at a splash pad. The city has since closed the splash pad and is opening an investigation.

4-year-old Colt Williams loved Spider-Man. You can see Spider-Man balloons as well as his favorite soda on display inside the Bluff Dale ISD School gymnasium.

It’s where more than a hundred people came together to pray Tuesday for the 4-year-old’s family after he drowned.

Colt drowned at Splashville, a water park in Stephenville.

Stephenville police say lifeguards performed CPR after Colt was found unresponsive in the pool. Police are investigating but say at this time all indicators are that it’s a tragic accident.

Autumn Hall, a friend of the Williams family, is organizing a fundraiser through Stephenville Nutrition & Energy. Others are fundraising too.

Hall says her two daughters played with Colt and his older brother. She says Colt was at the pool for a birthday party, and some kids who were there still do not understand what happened. 

"That’s a really hard age I think for kids like that or that age to comprehend like what’s happening, like, what’s going on," Hall said. "One of the kids you know asked like, ‘So he’s just going to live at the pool forever?’" 

For now, people are trying to uplift Colt’s family while sharing stories of the 4-year-old who some say had the spirit and energy of a superhero.

The city of Stephenville has asked an outside law firm to assist in investigating the circumstances of the incident as well as to review all operations, policies and procedures relating to the operation of Splashville.

The investigation is in addition to the ongoing investigation being conducted by the Stephenville Police Department and agencies assisting them.