Vietnam War veterans honored during Warbirds Over Addison

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Vietnam War veterans and the people who carried out search and rescue flights are being recognized this weekend at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum.

They were honored during the Warbirds Over Addison event that was held on Armed Forces Day.

"So now, years later, I am one of the original crew members that flew this one to Vietnam," Bob Schrader said.

At 19 years old, Schrader was the crew chief of a Caribou plane. At 75, he still gets to stand with it.

"You can't dream dreams that high. That there would be one Caribou left flying, and it's mine," he added.

The only one flying in America and it’s at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum.

Schrader traced it online in June 2000, and since then, he's come every year to the Warbirds Over Addison event.

Reliving the memories - the good and the bad - and helping veterans with the healing process.

"The good soldiers sat on this side over here, which was kind of difficult for the good soldiers to be sitting here with their friends in the body bag here,” Schrader recalled. “Some of the soldiers can't even come in here yet, again, because of the emotional feelings they have when they come in here."

This year’s event commemorates the heroic sacrifices of the Vietnam search and rescue flights.

"We want to honor those guys. We want to honor everybody that was involved in the various wars and what they did to keep this country free," said Doug Jeanes, executive director at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum.

There's not just military aircrafts that you can see and ride at the event, there's also tanks and other military vehicles.

It's a teaching moment for many families.

"You know, some kids think, 'Well it's just an airplane,’ but there was a reason for it. I try to get them two excited about it, just to give them some education," said Scott Lawson, who brought his grandsons to the event.

After seeing things in person, they can leave with a better understanding.

"The number on the tailfin is the registration for the plane. I think it's good and I’m learning what happened back then in the war," Logan Smith and Joshua Thomas said.

Veterans like Schrader are sharing a part of history with the world.

"I put the big flag by the 50 caliber holes, and then the smaller 30 caliber, and AR-15s, etc. I put the little flag by it so the kids can come out and count them," Schrader said.

The Warbirds Over Addison will continue Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum.

It's $12 for adults and $6 for children ages 4 to 12.

You can also pay to take a ride in a military aircraft.

The money raised allows the airplanes to be maintained and keep running.