VIDEO: Dog in Central Texas jumping for joy at the sight of snow

In an event that doesn't happen often, a cold front that made its way through Central Texas brought a little snow along with it. As exciting as it is for Texans to see snow, one pup couldn't help but leap for joy when she saw the snowflakes. 

Bella, the soon to be three-year-old from Jonah, Texas, couldn't quite contain herself when she saw snow falling on Wednesday night. Her owner, Nycolette, captured a video of the pup leaping into the air to catch the snow. "Bella are ya loving it?" Nycolette can be heard saying as the young Viszla jumped across the frame to get at the snow. 

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Snow fell through Central Texas on Wednesday night and early Thursday morning as temperatures fell to below freezing. The snow didn't stay around too long, however, most of it was melted away as the sun rose Thursday morning.