Victim recalls night of Arlington road rage shooting

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The father who survived being shot in the head during a road rage incident in Arlington Monday night is sharing his story in hopes that witnesses will come forward.

Kyle Johnson was in a car with his wife and 3-year-old twins on I-20. They pulled over thinking they were going to exchange information with someone who sideswiped them. That was when the other driver pulled out a gun.

Up until now, no new information has come from Arlington PD in terms of locating the shooter.

Johnson is back home now resting and recovering. He was shot in the head, but it luckily missed his temple and only grazed his skull.

Kyle Johnson now wears the wounds from a moment he very well thought might have been the end of his life.

“Luck. Divine intervention,” he said. “Whatever people want to call it, I guess.”

Johnson says he was driving his family down I-20 around 8 p.m. Monday near Collins Street. He says there was a traffic jam so he moved from the center to the right lane and might have accidentally cut a man off in the process.

The car then passed Johnson on the shoulder and ended up sideswiping them on the passenger side. Johnson says they pulled over thinking they would exchange info. That's when the driver came up to them, kicked the mirror and pulled out a gun. His wife started pleading to not shoot since there were kids in the car. Then, there was a loud noise.

“All of a sudden, I hear screaming. It’s my wife in the passenger side. And she's screaming at the top of her lungs,” Johnson recalled. “And that's when I noticed the blood running down in front of my eyes and in my hands, and I noticed the bullet hole on the passenger side window.”

Johnson was the only one hurt. Paramedics rushed him to the hospital.

Arlington police to this point do not know who the driver who shot Johnson is, but they are aggressively pursuing the case.

“I understand everybody gets road rage, but to shoot somebody in the head over some minor damage that can be fixed? With max 100s of dollars?” Johnson said. “That’s a little obscene to shoot somebody over that.”

Police are still looking for the shooter. It's believed to be a silver or white BMW hatchback with damage to the driver’s side.

The suspect described as a Hispanic man, mid-20s, around 5'8", medium build, with facial hair and black rim glasses.

Anyone with information is urged to call Arlington PD.