UT Arlington student gets rave reviews for short film tackling police brutality

A local college student's short film is getting rave reviews.

The award-winning short film, ‘Unarmed,’ was UT Arlington student filmmaker Elias Moreno who is majoring in film and criminal justice. The short film has won awards in three different film shows and is being highly acclaimed.

“So I came up with this concept basically because I wanted an art piece to reach the people who have not dealt with or experienced police brutality first hand in this country,” Moreno said. “I wanted to sort of highlight all of the different things that young African American males deal with in society.”

Moreno says the film doesn’t end as you’d expect it.

“A lot of times when we're at that point when there's a situation that is such high conflict such high tension, everybody wants to be right,” he said. “But if a person steps back and admits they're wrong, then at the end of the day no one has to get hurt and things turn out a lot better.”

Moreno will be on Good Day Saturday morning to join Shaun Rabb for the rest of the conversation about the short film.