UNT faculty members sign letter opposing Donald Trump Jr's visit

Nearly 100 University of North Texas faculty members signed an open letter saying they’re embarrassed that its university invited Donald Trump Jr. to an upcoming speaker series.

They call the high-dollar event disrespectful to minorities, women and the LGBT community. But the university says it's all about raising money for scholarships.

Trump Jr. won't be going to the UNT campus, but the fact that the university's name is on the invitation has upset several people on campus.

Like his father, Trump Jr. has attracted his share of controversy. He has yet to step a foot in North Texas or uttered one word, but some are already upset he's coming here.

"With some of the things his father has said about African Americans, women and a lot of other minorities who are part of the student population, doesn't seem like a great idea to bring him out here for our speaker series,” said student T.J. McCrea.

Trump Jr. has been invited to be part of the UNT speaker series next month. The university says the sponsored speaker series raises money for scholarships, and sponsored tables for the speaking series at AT&T Stadium range from $5,000 to $100,000.

But nearly 100 UNT faculty members have put their names on an open letter protesting the invitation of Trump Jr. to express their "profound shock, dismay and embarrassment."

The faculty members that FOX 4 reached out to for comment said the letter speaks for them.

“They have the right to their own opinion,” said student Hailee Martin. “But personally, I would like for them just to teach."

But not everyone is opposed to Trump Jr.'s visit.

"UNT is largely a liberal campus,” said student Christian Herrmann. “It's important to have an open mind and allow those who may have a conservative mind frame to listen to someone they might agree with on their campus."

UNT released a statement that says the university welcomes speakers who represent a variety of viewpoints and "speakers of interest who would attract sponsors and further support the goal of raising money for scholarships."

“Donald Trump and his son are both very conservative,” said student Kinsey Ragsdale. “Lots of students are upset with his views and what he could possibly speak about."

The open letter opposing Trump Jr.'s invitation says those decisions should include a larger segment of the campus community. The university says UNT deans and other college leadership provided their input.