Uber considering Dallas for new headquarters

Ride-share giant Uber is reportedly considering Dallas as the site for a new office.

It would be the largest Uber facility outside of its San Francisco headquarters, bringing with it about 3,000 jobs.

One site under consideration is in Deep Ellum, in the possible deal that could see Uber's corporate side roll into Dallas.

Grabbing an Uber in Dallas could soon reflect quite a joyride for the city and county.

The tech ride-share giant is close to a big decision for its second headquarters.

"As it stands now, according to sources, we're hearing that Dallas has emerged and is emerging as a place that Uber is zeroing in on," said Brian Womack, who is a tech writer for the Dallas Business Journal.

Womack is keeping close tabs on the potential deal, along with details that suggest Uber is keenly eyeing a newly constructed building on the edge of Downtown Dallas, bordering Deep Ellum.

The biggest factor would be 3,000 jobs paying a minimum of $100,000.

"According to a new filing with Dallas County, they're looking at around 3,000 jobs by about 2025," Womack said. "We're talking high paying jobs, around at least $100,000 annually. We understand these are jobs like in finance. These are jobs in engineering and sales."

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins declined to talk on-camera about negotiations with Uber, but he took to Twitter with a series of tweets cheering the possibility, and rationalizing tax breaks to be offered the company.

"Uber's employees will stimulate the economy in and around Downtown Dallas. They'll buy homes. They'll eat here. They'll go to the dry cleaners and the movies here. The spend goes well beyond the tiny number of what we get or don't get on property taxes," he said in the tweet.

Just over a year ago, Uber announced Dallas will be among the test cities where it will launch 'Air Uber,'  to include fleets of small electric aircrafts, enabling ride sharing in the air.

Womack believes Uber locating in Dallas could trigger a smooth economic ride.

"This is a big time tech company. We have some stuff here, we have Texas Instruments, AT&T, but this would be a big addition. Let's not forget that Amazon had put Dallas on a finalist list, reporting that we were among a very, very select few, getting close, but we didn't get it. We didn't get the second headquarters for Amazon. With this, this would be a great shot in the arm," he said.

Uber has not confirmed any of these details. FOX4 reached out to them, but did not receive a responde.