Two people found with slain Dallas woman's stolen SUV

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Two people are being questioned in connection with the murder of a 71-year-old woman in her Far North Dallas home.

Norma Rae Kakacek was found dead Wednesday morning in her home on Paldao Drive and her SUV went missing.

Dallas police announced Thursday that the SUV had been found and the two people found in the vehicle were taken into custody. The driver was arrested and charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Police say a tipster remembered the first three letters of the license plate of Kakacek’s Lexus SUV as being ‘CPR’ and called police. The tipster noticed the SUV at a carwash in the 2500 block of Hawthorne Street and followed the vehicle until police pulled it over.

At this time, the two people being questioned are considered "persons of interest" in the Kakacek’s murder.

Family and friends say she was known by her nickname, Rae, and was a wonderful woman who volunteered at her church, was very active in the community and would do anything to help people if they would only ask.

"Happy go lucky person, she was still very involved in the community even at 71,” said Deborah McKenna Kakacek, the victim’s former daughter-in-law. “She was just willing to give her time more than to do anything else in the community, walked her dog in the neighborhood constantly."

Aside from her SUV being stolen, police say items were taken from Kakacek's home. Investigators know robbery played a role in her murder, but they have not yet established a motive.

Investigators are now in the process of talking to the two people that were in her SUV and trying to determine if they are indeed the people responsible for her robbery and murder.