Two men robbed at gunpoint in Oak Lawn on Sunday morning

Two men were held up at gunpoint over the weekend in Oak Lawn, bringing the total number of victims of robbery or assault to 17 since October.

Manlio Lievanos took to social media to warn his family and friends that he and a buddy had been robbed and carjacked in Oak Lawn about 5 a.m. Sunday. The two were walking from a bar just a block off Cedar Springs when they rounded the corner onto Dickason Street.

Lievanos says four armed men got out of a car, parked directly behind them and robbed them.

“He was standing to my right side holding me at gunpoint and basically told me to get everything out of my pockets and when I did he just padded me down to make sure I had gotten everything out,” Lievanos said.

Lievanos says the encounter lasted just 30 seconds. Two of the suspects took off in his friends’ car.

“For a second I thought should I fight them off but that would've been a bad idea cause there was two other guys waiting by the car,” Lievanos said.

A Dallas police spokesman said the victim's car was recovered Tuesday in south Dallas and two people were under arrest, although they have not been charged in relation to the Sunday morning case.

Rafael McDonnell of the Resource Center has been pushing the City of Dallas to get ten cameras permanently installed in the Oak Lawn area, which is still weeks away from happening. Six temporary cameras are already in place at popular intersections like Throckmorton and Cedar Springs. 

The LGBT community is doing its part to tackle the problem. Residents are using social media to recruit neighbors and friends to take part in a Dallas Police volunteer program. The trained volunteers patrol the neighborhood at night, working with police.

The Cedar Springs Merchants Association wine walk was scheduled for Wednesday night, with some of the money raised to be donated to help fund safety improvements and security along the street.