Two Dallas police veterans put in charge of Dallas Animal Services

Two Dallas police veterans are now in charge of Dallas Animal Services.

Deputy Chief Robert Sherwin and Major Barbara Hobbs are both 29 year veterans of the Dallas Police Department but they've never had an assignment quite like this.

"A little nervous, because it's something out of my comfort zone,” said Deputy Chief Robert Sherwin. “But it's simply managing people, and let me tell you this, there are a lot of wonderful employees who are dedicated here at animals services, and all they want is a voice to be able to do their jobs."

Major Barbara Hobbs has been an undercover cop and homicide investigator.

“It is a little different role, but a challenge is a challenge, if we can assist this department getting back on its feet, and serving its citizens it all comes together as public service,” Hobbs said.

The change in leadership is one part of the shakeup at animal services following the mauling death of Antoinette Brown.

But putting police in charge goes directly against what Chief David Brown after the deadly ambush in July:

"We're asking cops to do too much in this country,” Brown said. “Here in Dallas we've got a loose dog problem, let's have the cops chase loose dogs.”

Hobbs tied the loose dog problem into quality of life, which is something police deal with.

“When you look at the quality of life in Southern Dallas, it's diminished, because we have loose dogs, and irresponsible owners."

Sherwin said he’s simply following orders of the city manager.

“He's asked us to do it, and we're going to do it,” Sherwin said.