Two baby giraffes born at Fort Worth Zoo

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Giraffe calf born at the Fort Worth Zoo on June 16

It’s a boy... and another boy! There are two new baby giraffes at the Fort Worth Zoo.

The first reticulated giraffe was born on June 8. He’s already 6 feet tall and will grow to about 18 feet.

Eight days another one of the zoo's reticulated giraffes gave birth to a calf that actually has the same father as the first. The second baby is a few inches shorter and weighs about 150 pounds, 35 pounds less than his half-brother.

The name reticulated describes his chestnut-brown rectangular markings. Like a human fingerprint, each giraffe pattern is different.

The two calves will soon join several other species in the zoo’s new African Savanna exhibit scheduled to open next year.

The Dallas Zoo also welcomed a male baby giraffe earlier this month. He is expected to be on public display later this summer.