Truck drives through Fort Worth couple’s home

Fort Worth police are trying to find two suspects after the truck they were in plowed through a couple’s living room.

It happened early Sunday morning as Michael Garcia and his girlfriend were drifting off to sleep after celebrating the new year.

"Only thing I can remember is when we initially heard the noise, I thought the house was collapsing, he said.

It was a noise unlike anything he’s ever heard.

"I’m talking like it made my ear ring, and I was in the way back," he said.

Random gunfire injures 1 in Fort Worth, hits Arlington home

A truck had driven into the living room of their home on Routt Street in Fort Worth. 

"It just kept going because obviously, he went through this wall and then went through the other one," Garcia said.

The driver and his passenger both ran away after the crash.

"Right as I got to the door and realized it, the guys that were in the truck just ran. They just ran," Garcia said. "Jumped through the window and just ran."

Fort Worth police said they are investigating.

Random gunfire injures 1 in Fort Worth, hits Arlington home

The couple has only lived in the rental home for several months but said it contains all sorts of possessions and memories that have been damaged or destroyed.

"It’s just crazy!" Garcia said. "I could have been in that room. She could’ve been in that room."

They know their start to the new year could’ve ended much worse.