Trial underway for alleged hitman in murder-for-hire of Rowlett mother of 3

The accused hitman in a murder-for-hire is on trial for his role in the crime.

The victim, Laura Grillo, was found shot to death in her Rowlett home in Nov. 2015.

Prosecutors say Jesus Trevino committed the murder after being paid by the victim's fiancé, who has already been convicted of capital murder.

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In opening statements, the prosecution told jurors Trevino planned the murder so well, it took investigators more than six months to unravel it all.

The defense asked jurors to consider the facts and evidence, saying the state’s case is based on emotion.

The state’s first witness, James Villeda, testified against his former friend, Trevino.

Villeda, a capital murder suspect in the same crime, told jurors that Trevino recruited him to drive the getaway car for $1,000 when 37-year-old Grillo was murdered in her Rowlett home.

The crime was orchestrated by Ioannis “John” Makris, the victim’s fiancé, who was convicted of capital murder for his role in the crime. Makris is now serving a life sentence.

In 2016, before he was identified as a suspect, Makris claimed to be shocked that Trevino, his employee and groomsman to be, could be involved.

“Why somebody would do something like that to her? I’m not talking about Jesus, I’m talking about in general. Why?“ Makris previously said.

On Wednesday, Villeda told the jury they tried to commit the murder three times before, but couldn’t because neighbors were outside, and Makris was agitated it was taking them so long.

He described how they planned the murder, to the point of buying a car for $1,000, wearing hoodies and masks, and disposing of evidence afterwards.

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Villeda has already agreed to a 25-year plea deal, contingent on his truthful testimony.

The other victims in this case are Grillo’s three young children, who are now left without their mother.

The victim’s best friend spoke back in 2016 about how senseless Grillo’s murder was.

“She was a volunteer. She was good for the community. She gave to people, they didn’t have anything. Just a good person. They stole her. She went way too early,“ Heather Nabor said.

The state called seven witnesses Wednesday, and they believe it will likely take until Monday to get through those witnesses.

If convicted of capital murder, Trevino will receive an automatic life sentence without the possibility of parole.