Trackdown: New video to help find Daniel Aleman's killer

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This week's Trackdown revisits an unsolved murder we first brought you earlier this month.

Now, there's new video in the case.

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The video comes from viewers as far away as New Mexico who saw the Trackdown report on social media and contacted the victim’s family and police.

Two new pieces of video captured images before Daniel Aleman was killed in March.

The people who had video of the incident didn't know its tragic ending until they saw FOX 4’s story on social media.

One of them was more than 600 miles from Texas

On March 17, Aleman, who is from Midland, came to North Texas for his birthday to watch the Errol Spence vs Mikey Garcia championship fight.

He was shot and killed after an apparent road rage incident at the intersection of northbound Stemmons Freeway Service Road and Empire Central.

A surveillance camera caught the suspects, two Hispanic males and a woman, heading southbound on Stemmons Service Road in a white 2006 to 2008 Silverado truck that sits low to the ground.

“Since then, we've gotten a few tips in as far as New Mexico,” Dallas PD Detective Frank Serra said. “Individuals sending in video.”

The video sent from New Mexico shows the victim arguing with the people inside the white pickup.

“They live in New Mexico. They were visiting Dallas at the time of the offense, were passing through the intersection when this happened,” Serra added. “They saw the Trackdown story through social media outlets and reached out to me and provided video to me.”

And another piece of video shows one of the suspects -- a big, tall man in a yellow t-shirt -- during the stopped traffic standoff.

The video was sent directly to Aleman's family through social media by someone who didnt want to contact police.

Detective Serra is hoping someone sees the new video and helps him out.

“Before, we didn’t have pictures or an image of the individuals who were inside the pickup truck,” Serra said. “In this, in both of the videos, you see an individual. He's wearing a yellow shirt and a female who's wearing dark colored clothing, and they're arguing in one of the videos. You even see the victim talking to all occupants of the truck.”

He's confident these new videos will help lead to some arrests.

“None of the tips we've had have panned out, but once you accompany the images of the individuals who are in the truck…I think its gonna make, maybe make a connection,” he concluded.

Crime Stoppers is offering reward money in this case, up to $5,000, for the right information.

You can remain anonymous or talk to Det. Frank Serra at 214-671-4320.