Trackdown: Help find the Pleasant Grove drive-by shooters

Dallas police hope you can help solve this week's Trackdown with a newly-released video.

A local law enforcement officer was shot after three men drove to his home, got out and opened fire last month. He survived, but police don't know if he was the intended target or the wrong Pleasant Grove house.

The shooting happened on Nov. 30 on Elam Road in Pleasant Grove.

"At approximately 11:15 p.m., we had a silver sedan travel through the neighborhood," explained Det. Fernando Silva. "Approximately a minute or two later, the silver sedan stops at an alleyway near Holcomb and Rayville."

Three suspects exited the car and begin firing rounds at the victim’s house.

"My victim was inside his residence laying down in bed. There’s some gunfire, so he gets up," Silva said. "One of the rounds strikes his window and then hits him in the shoulder."

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FOX 4 isn’t showing the victim’s house because he works in local law enforcement. Authorities aren’t sure if it was a targeted attack. 

"We're still in an ongoing investigation. We don’t know right now," the detective said. "It appears that it may have been targeted, but I can't say for sure."

Surveillance video shows a four-door sedan that was traveling in the area parked right in front of his residence.

"If anybody recognizes the vehicle or knows any information on that sedan or the suspects, I need to know about it," Silva said. "Call me at (214) 671-3639 or email me at"