Trackdown: Help find the 'dapper gunman'

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In this week’s Trackdown, police are searching for a 'dapper gunman' who instigated a shootout at an East Dallas club that left one man paralyzed.

Dallas police released surveillance video to FOX 4 of the November 11 incident that has never before been made public before.

Police say the victim who shot in the neck and left paralyzed was not beefing with anyone. He was sadly in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Trouble spilled out of the Linares Bar, an after-hours joint on South Haskell. Several fights broke out in the parking lot around 6 a.m. that night. Police say one man with a distinctive fashion sense was at the center of the gunfight that later broke out.

“He appears to be a black male about six-foot-tall. He's wearing a fedora and a members-only-style jacket he has the skinny style jeans on. The jacket has patch work on it,” explained Dallas Police Det. Jake Morgan. “He was not even involved in the fight either. That was kind of one of the perplexing things about this. When the shootout takes place, none of them are involved in the fight.”

As the fist fights were breaking out, one man seen on video had a gun in his hand and a gun in his waistband. Police say the dapper gunman was able to steal one of the guns.

“The gunman reaches in, takes the gun and begins shooting. He steps just off camera as the shots fire,” Morgan said. “You'll see someone turn and shoot back at him. The victim is standing right behind that person that shoots back. He's shot in the neck. He falls.”

The man who was shot survived, but he was left paralyzed. About six to eight more people then began shooting back at the suspect. One man on the video could be seen with some type of high-power semi-automatic rifle.

I think we recovered like 48 fired cartridge casings,” Morgan said.

The dapper gunman dodged the gunfire and bolted across the street and drove away in his Dodge Caravan. The vehicle is light colored early 2000s model with damage over the left rear wheel. Police hope the public will help track him down.

“He has a very distinct fashion sense it seems like because he has the fedora and the members-only patchwork jacket,” Morgan said. “He seems like he cares about how he looks.”

Crime Stoppers is offering a $5,000 reward. Anyone with information is urged to call or text Det. Morgan at (214)425-9905.