Trackdown: Help find Ramiro Hernandez's killer

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This week’s Trackdown focuses on an innocent man who was murdered at the front door of a home he started renting just 22 days earlier.

Dallas Homicide Detective John Valdez doesn't know for sure who killed Ramiro Hernandez, but he does have interest in a pair of cars, a truck, and a couple of people caught on tape just before the robbery incident.

911 calls brought police to the 1100 block of Hobson Ave. in East Oak Cliff the night of June 23, which was a rainy Sunday.

“[Hernandez] was on the front porch. He was grilling. He was on the front porch with his female friend and his daughter,” Det. Valdez said.

The 54-year-old was robbed then murdered by a man in a hooded sweat shirt on his own front porch.

“When [the killer] walks up, he's carrying a gun, and his daughter runs in the house and slams the door,” Valdez said. “[Hernandez] and the other female, they remain on the porch and the guy robs them at gunpoint.”

After robbing them, the suspect shoots Hernandez in the neck and then flees the scene, heading eastbound.

While there is no video of the incident, police are working to identify certain vehicles and the people inside those vehicles that were caught on camera about two and a half blocks away, less than a minute’s drive from Hernandez's home, at the E-Z Stop at Lancaster and Saner.

“They drive in from this direction here, come in the silver Dodge pick-up, the white car with the sunroof, no front license plate, and then the black Honda Coupe,” Valdez said. “The driver of the silver vehicle and the passenger of the white car, they go in and go to the register. Those you see pretty clearly.”

Police need to identify them to help solve the murder of Ramiro Hernandez, a completely innocent victim.

“All I need is one name and one phone number,” Valdez said. “And then I think the case will have a good chance of breaking.”

Crime Stoppers is offering up reward.

Email Detective John Valdez or call him at 214-671-3623.

Help find these persons of interest caught on tape in connection with the murder of Ramiro Hernandez.