Trackdown: Help find man who robbed Balch Springs CVS

In this week’s Trackdown, Balch Springs police are looking for a man who robbed a CVS Pharmacy just last week.

Police are releasing video from store cameras.

Detective Allen “Birdman” Bird hopes the video will be the prescription for his arrest.

“We received a 911 call from CVS telling us that they had just been robbed by a male subject,” Det. Bird said.

The robber entered the store May 29.

“He walked in. When he first goes in to enter the store, he has a black sweatshirt, black hoodie, but as he enters the store, he takes the hoodie off," Bird recalled.

Hoodie off, but camera on.

“Eight o’clock in the evening and the store is packed, and he was standing behind a line of customers, like four or five customers, waiting to get to the register,” Det. Bird added.

When it’s his turn, the Hispanic male – who is 5’9” and in his late 20s or early 30s - slides a bottle of Powerade towards the worker as he makes his power play.

“He actually has a customer behind him, a female customer, who has no clue what’s going on,” Bird said.

The entire time the bad guy is breaking it off at the cash register, the woman behind him never looks up.

“She's actually on her phone, looking at it, and he's at the counter and he tells the store clerk, ‘Give me all the money,’ and she doesn’t quite understand him and he produces a handgun from his sweater, taps it on the counter and says, ‘Give me all the money,’” Det. Bird explained.

[REPORTER: so while it’s happening, he's not like some of the nervous robbers we see, he's cool at the counter.”] “Yes, very cool. Doesn’t make a scene. Just standing there waiting for her to put the money in the bag,” Bird said. “He casually walks out of the store. He doesn’t make a scene where anybody knows what’s going on.”

Investigators believe this wasn’t his first time, and that he’ll easily do it again unless the public helps identify him.

“I think the public’s tired of crime happening and somebody’s going to recognize him and we need their help,” Det. Bird said.

If you know him or you think you know him, call Det. Bird at 972-557-6014.

Help catch this robber caught on tape, but still at-large.