Trackdown: Help find Diana Garcia's killer

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UPDATE: 7/28/19 - Police have arrested Diana Garcia's husband, Marcos Flores-Rodriguez, and charged him with her murder.

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7/25/19 UPDATE: Police have released a sketch of the suspect who killed Diana Garcia.


This week's Trackdown focuses on a brutal beating and shooting of young mother Diana Garcia that has so far baffled Dallas homicide detectives

Police have released video of the man who they say killed the 22-year-old mother of two. He is seen running from her car after just taking her life.

Garcia had just dropped her two children at a friend's house to go to work on Saturday, July 13.

She was sitting at a stop sign in Oak Cliff when she was killed.

Police hope the public can help them catch the killer caught on tape, but still at-large

"This is a very unusual case," Dallas PD Detective Jeff Loeb said. "She had dropped off her kids, maybe about 10 blocks from here at a friend's house for daycare for the day, and then, as she pulls up to this intersection at Ohio and Maryland, she is being attacked inside her car."     

Garcia was married and a mother of a 2-year-old and 4-year-old.

"There is a witness that can confirm she was being attacked with some sort of blunt force object and she was also shot at the end of the attack," Det. Loeb said.

[REPORTER: "First to hit this person with some kind of blunt object, and then to shoot ‘em. That's almost a crime of emotion or passion."] "Yeah, it does seem particularly personal," Loeb replied.

The video is clear, but the camera is far away from the man running north on Maryland, away from Garcia's car.

"I think the suspect had a little bit of an unusual run about him," Loeb added. "The way he was running, and someone might recognize the run even though he's not that close to the camera."

He runs up Maryland, cuts between two houses, before running south on Alaska, west on Grover Washington, and over towards Marsalis.

Police aren't sure if there was anyone else in her vehicle at the time Garcia was murdered, but there were signs she fought with her killer.

"The suspect could very easily have scratches on them, bruising on them, maybe a cut on them. Something like that," Loeb said.

Witnesses say the man is Hispanic, in his twenties, had short hair and patchy facial hair, and was wearing a tan pullover shirt orange or burnt orange sleeves.

"By the time he gets over to Marsalis, when he's in the back yard of someone's house, he changes. He takes that shirt off and he's wearing a dark colored shirt after that," Loeb said.

Seconds after squad cars swoosh by, he stepped out of the tree shadows to ditch the shirt he had on. He was then in a dark shirt, and started running north.

"If someone has any suspicion as to who the suspect is, even if it's just your gut feeling, just call us and let us know. We'll try to look into that and check into that, and then if anyone recognizes him from the way he's running from the video, or anything like that, they need to not hesitate to call us and let us know," Det. Loeb added.

Call Crime Stoppers or Det. Anthony Whitaker. Jeff Loeb is helping with his case load. You can reach Whitaker at 214-671-3704.

Help find Diana Garcia's killer, who was caught on tape, but still at-large