Trackdown: Help find Christopher Franklin's killer

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Suspect: Dorian Killebrew

Dallas police need help to track down a man charged with an April murder.

The suspect was originally known only by a street name. However, he was eventually identified through a late night snack before the shooting.

On April 17, officers were called to the El Pato Apartments in Oak Cliff. Inside Apt. 101, police found Christopher Franklin left to die.

“The victim was engaged in an argument with the suspect over… really we don’t know exactly,” explained Dallas Police Det. Derick Chaney. “But after the argument, the suspect became upset and shot the victim multiple times.”

At least five people scattered from the apartment when bullets started flying about 4 a.m., including the shooter

“Only name I had at the beginning was his street name, and it was Pyrex,” Chaney said. “They was able to provide me with a good description of him.”

Witnesses told police that the suspect walked to a convenience store a block away before the shooting. Chaney followed the footsteps and looked for clues.

“I was able to obtain video of him walking to and from the store and also video from inside the store,” the detective said.

Video shows the thin suspect with a thick ‘fro. He walked fast and had on a white jacket with 99 across the front.

“He went inside the convenience store and purchased some items,” Chaney said.

The suspect bought some snacks, including a bag of Ruffles potato chips. It’s what Chaney used to put a name to the face of his suspect he only knew as Pyrex.

Chaney was able to track down the suspect’s apartment and found the bag of potato chips. From that, he was able to lift DNA.

“From that item from that store to placing it inside that apartment, I was able to use that item to identify who my suspect was and confirm it through the wittiness who viewed the shooting,” he said.

Chaney says he was able to determine that Pyrex’s real name is Dorian Killebrew.

“I plan on meeting him and give him an opportunity to tell his side. If you know where he’s at, please call 911. Call Crime Stoppers. Tell us the location where he’s at,” Chaney said. “I need someone he is either staying with, someone probably came across him yesterday or today to call 911 and report his location so we can arrest him and he can have his day in court.”

Crime Stoppers is offering up to a $5,000 reward. You can call Crime Stoppers or Det. Derick Chaney at (214) 671-3650.