Trackdown: Help find Adan Lozano's killers

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In this week’s Trackdown, police are searching for three men who are wanted for a murder in Deep Ellum early Saturday morning.

The defenseless 28-year-old victim was gunned down as he walked through a parking lot by the gang of three that slithered behind him.

Video of Adan Lozano shows him in a blue shirt, unaware of the three young men following him, who would in just seconds, take his life.

When Lozano's family said bye and left him in Deep Ellum, they had no idea it would tragically be the last time they would see him alive.

Detective Tonya McDaniel doesn’t know the names of her three suspects yet. That’s where you can make a difference.

They are caught on tape, but still at-large

Lozano was found with multiple gunshot wounds after Dallas PD officers were called about a shooting at 2:45 a.m. on Saturday, in the 2600 block of Main St.

“He was down here with family,” Det. McDaniel said. “They were out here hanging out, having a good time, enjoying one another, like they always do. The family was getting ready to leave, he wanted to stay a little later, just to hang out and enjoy himself.”

Lozano was in a Deep Ellum 7-Eleven when the goons who took his life came in.

“One of them had on a grayish, matching sweatshirt and pants. One had on all-dark clothing with a backpack that looks to be blue,” Det. McDaniel said. “And that third black male had on some brown shorts with a dark shirt.”

One of the suspect appears to talk with Lozano at the counter, even fist bumping him shortly before taking part in his murder.

“That just shows what kind of heart you have,” McDaniel said.

People are milling around as Lozano leaves the store. The three, with evil in their hearts, follow him out.

Detective McDaniel described the moment of Lozano’s murder.

“They kind of walk around like they're just socializing, and eventually, they walk over to Mr. Lozano and corner him, almost like some sharks,” she said.

They try to break, running back and forth, into a dead end.

Across Commerce Street, one almost gets hit by a car before they shoot Lozano.

After just taking a man's life, they start walking like nothing happened.

One is still drinking from his Big Gulp after watching a man get ripped with bullets.

“It’s a shame that we can’t go out and enjoy ourselves and go home at the end of that night,” Det. McDaniel said. “Unfortunately, there's some individuals that want to take that away from you, and they did. They took that away from Mr. Lozano.”

But McDaniel is confident that someone in the Metroplex knows who these three are.

“I need them to do the right thing. Call, you can be anonymous, call Crime Stoppers. However you want to get that information to me, just get it to me so that we can make this right,” Det. McDaniel added.

Another man, who was sitting in his car about to leave Deep Ellum, was hit by a stray bullet. He'll be okay.

If you have any information on these three suspects or this murder, call Crime Stoppers, or you can talk or text Detective McDaniel at (469) 261-6790.

Trackdown the killers caught on tape, but still at-large