Town hall held in Everman to discuss flooding problems

Saturday's rain was not a welcome sight for residents in Everman, who are typically hit hard by flooding during storms.

Earlier this month, trees, fences, and homes were damaged during storms.

And last year, dozens of homes were destroyed in floods.

Local, county, and state agencies say they're trying to prepare for future disasters.

State Representative Nicole Collier hosted a town hall meeting Saturday at Hommel Elementary School to explain what to do if another flood hits Everman.

But many in Everman say the plans aren't working.

“We've had dead animals. We've had horses on the top of trees. You get bloated cows. We've had cars and all kinds of things floating down the creek, and all the garbage. There's no help,” said Pat Channell.

Residents believe the root of the problem is runoff from cities nearby, especially Fort Worth.

But Saturday’s town hall focused on flooding from storms, not city overflow.