Tonya Couch gets a job bartending in Azle

The mother of the affluenza teen, Ethan Couch, is now working as a bartender.

A FOX 4 viewer snapped a picture of Tonya Couch working at the Honky Tonk Woman Saloon in Azle, northwest of Fort Worth. She said she's been working there for about a month.

Records show Couch was released from house arrest on Tuesday, but still must wear an ankle monitor. As she awaits trial, she’s not allowed to drink alcohol or use drugs. Conditions of her bond did recently change that would allow her to serve, but not drink, alcohol.

The owner of the saloon didn't want to be on camera, but said he didn’t know who Tonya Couch was when he hired her but he's ok with giving her a chance to have a job. He also said his phone has been ringing constantly since word got out he'd hired Couch.

Alex Kim is an attorney who's not associated with couch's case.

"It raises eyebrows whether or not it's appropriate for Tonya to be working around alcohol just because of the other collateral problems it created in her life,” Kim said. “But other than that, it's just a job and if that's the job she found I'm glad she's working.”

A customer said Tonya Couch doesn't like to talk about what's happened to her, but has said it was difficult to get hired anywhere.

Tonya Couch faces charges for hindering the apprehension of a fugitive. She’s also accused of money laundering in planning to escape with her son to Mexico.

Ethan Couch remains in a Tarrant County jail for violating his probation after the drunken driving deaths of four people when he was 16 years old.