Tobi the two-legged dog gets new set of wheels

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Tobi the two-legged wonder dog finally has his new wheels.

FOX 4 introduced you to Tobi in April when he was surrendered to the Humane Society of North Texas and the organization was taking donations to get him the wheels. Now, he has them and is going through a learning phase while being fostered before he's adopted out.

The wheels come with a harness and are taking Tobi some time to get used to. But in less than a week, he's finally rolling.

Tobi is now cruising on his new wheels. He's not setting any speed records, but the miniature Australian Shepherd is beginning the slow process of getting used to them.

Born with only his hind legs, Tobi was surrendered to the Humane Society of North Texas by an owner who could no longer care for him. Since then, the organization asked for donations for the wheels. He finally got them last week.

"We put a plea on Facebook on our social media handles and the community came through,” said Cassie Lackey with the Humane Society. “And his wheels are because of our community."

The wheels are necessary since walking on two legs damages his back.

"His vertebrae are compressed now, so it will only worsen as he gets older. And we want to make sure we can give him longevity and health,” Lackey explained. “He just has never known what it's like to have front legs, and so it's completely foreign for him to be at that angle."

On his first day with the wheels, Tobi only tolerated them for a few minutes. But now, he's using them 20 minutes a day, twice a day.

"We hope that in the coming months that he'll be booking it in these wheels,” Lackey said.

It'll take a while for Tobi to get completely used to the wheels. Once he does, he’ll be adopted out.