Tip led FBI to bank robbery suspects involved in 'Bird Box' challenge-style chase

FOX4 has obtained court documents that explain how police were so quick to pursue a group of suspects after a credit union robbery on January 17.

According to court records, the FBI got a tip the day before the robbery and agents were watching one of the suspects, Cedric Burns. They followed all four suspects from a home to the credit union.

Agents say they found two fake guns, masks and more than $104,000 cash in the car.

Burns, along with Antranette Candady, Precious Alexander, and Marcello Shofner are all charged in connection with the robbery. The chase became more dangerous when the hood on the getaway car flew up, covering the windshield.

Attorney Aaron Wiley, who is not involved in the case, says FBI agents are likely working to connect the suspects to other bank robberies as well.

“When you can start to add on with relevant conduct, where maybe weapons were used in some of the other potential bank robberies, that certainly adds to the potential criminal exposure for them,” Wiley said.

According to the court documents all four have admitted their roles in planning and pulling the robbery.