Three children rescued from swollen creek in Justin

Three children are safe after being rescued from a swollen creek Tarrant County creek on Wednesday.

Harriet Creek in Justin near Highway 114 is typically three feet wide and students are able to walk up to the creek, jump across and they go home to a nearby neighborhood. But on Wednesday afternoon the creek was full and nearly 40 feet wide and three kids were swept into the swollen waters.

The first boy, age 10 or 11, was rescued by a Fort Worth police officer. The officer reportedly arrived on scene quickly and was able to pull him out.

A brother and sister, approximately ages 8 and 10, went into the creek downstream from the first incident. Onlookers were searching for the kids and Trevor McIntyre, a Good Samaritan, found the two and was able to rescue them from the water.

"I jumped in and yeah, it was right up to my chest,” said McIntyre. “So I was scared in there, let alone them. And they're just hanging on to branches. The boy was falling further and further behind his sister, found a good place to hang on. The embankment was just up so they weren't gonna get out without some help."

He finally managed to get them to dry ground.

JJ Clayton panicked for a while until he learned his friends were ok.

“The rain gets so bad that it rushes over the rocks,” JJ said.

Police say the kids were crossing at a point where they always do on their way home from school, which is a shorter walk then the bridge on Harriet Creek Drive that has a walkway on it. But instead of a quick hop over the stream, the rains made it a 30 to 40 foot crossing.

I’ll do it again a million times. I don’t care,” said McIntyre. “That's what you do for other people"

None of the three kids was injured.

Parents at the scene said kids typically cross over the creek and there have been requests for a bridge to be built. A bridge does exist already about a quarter-mile away.

A spokesperson for Northwest ISD said they have always encouraged kids to walk the extra distance.