Thieves steal from home that's being rebuilt after Harvey

 A victim of Hurricane Harvey, looking forward to moving back into her house, has now suffered another big blow.  Someone broke into her home, and the intruders took everything that was just recently replaced.  

It’s tough to hear what thieves did to Linda Wade, especially when you consider just how hard her neighborhood was hit by Harvey. When you drive through the area in Bear Creek, you see house after house that’s sitting empty.  Some are under renovation, but it’s clear hundreds of people are still out of their homes.  

“It’s like a ghost town here,” says Wade. Only two residents on her street have moved back into their homes since Hurricane Harvey left the area under water. Wade was hopeful she too would soon be back home.  Then she walked into her house to see what workers accomplished over the weekend.

"And the dining room set was gone," says Wade.  "I was like 'oh no what happened?'  I walked in the kitchen. The refrigerator was gone. The dishwasher’s gone. Went in the bedroom, the bedroom furniture is gone."

The oven door was busted up as if someone tried to take it. In fact, the more of her home she explored, the more she discovered was stolen.

"The washer and drier was just delivered Friday. They took it, too,” Wade says while wiping tears from her eyes. She says the list of what wasn’t taken is actually shorter than what was.

"Everything I had delivered so far they took," Wade says,

Wade and her son who’s quadriplegic have lived in the house for 18 years.

“My son needs to be home. I need to get home.  Eight months living with someone else, even though I love my daughter to death, it’s just hard to live with someone else," Wade says.

The 67 year old did not have flood insurance and borrowed money to buy the things that thieves have now walked away with.  

"I think they’re terrible. It’s the most disgusting thing somebody could do, especially when someone’s already down on their luck like this,” Wade says through tears.

Wade isn’t sure when she’ll be able to move back in, especially after this set back.