The Tex Factor: Dallas Circus Center

They fly through the air with the greatest of ease, but where did they learn the art of the flying trapeze? 

The Dallas Circus Center, of course. Navy veteran Donovan Chandler opened the circus training facility so he and his friends could train there in between circus contracts. 

But he didn’t realize this personal endeavor would become a public training ground for trapeze-hungry North Texans. 

The Tex Factor takes you to new heights with a circus center tour, an inside look at why trapeze is so popular, and the introduction of locals who turned their love of trapeze into a career with the circus. 

And meet a family of six who flew 40 feet in the air for the first time. 

Plus, see the Dallas Circus Center’s Showcase night where students and instructors show off their skills in the air on ropes, silks, Lyra hoops, and trapeze.