The Tex Factor: All About Animals

Cindi Cavallini is passionate and enthusiastic about animals. And not just the animals themselves, but animal education, as well. 

After all, she’s been learning about them her entire life, as a graduate of Moorpark Exotic Animal Training and Management program, a zoo culturist, an advocate for animal welfare, and a life-long educator. 

Her company is All About Animals and she describes it as a "mobile zoo," as she carts around animals, insects, and vertebrates to local schools and libraries, showing and telling her audience what they are, what they do, and what they mean to our environment. 

The Tex Factor talks to her at her Duncanville home, before following along to a Southlake library to watch what she does best – teach kids about animals and animal conservation. 

We hear from kids, parents, and the city of Southlake about the difference she’s making in the community. 

Plus, an up-close, one-on-one lesson on Daisy the Tarantula. Yikes!