‘The eagle has officially landed’ on ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 2

This hot-blooded bird is ready to rock your socks off.

Coming straight out of the nest sporting their signature rockstar outfit is the eagle, who is ready to let their song take flight on Season 2 of FOX’s “The Masked Singer.”

“Watch out, because the eagle has officially landed,” said the mystery celebrity rocking the eagle costume.

More than 1,000 feathers were used to craft the elaborate costume, which was specifically requested by the mystery celebrity, including the eagle’s signature sun medallion and red bandanna.

The look is so fly, it should be “ill-eagle.”

The show’s second season is heating up quickly, and the most recent character to be sent home was the panda in a bamboozling elimination.

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The eagle isn’t intimidated, though, and they’re ready to soar straight past the competition and into first place.

"These other competitors are simply my prey, and they’ll be saluting me at the very end," the eagle said.

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To watch the eagle fly the coop and destroy the competition, tune in to “The Masked Singer” Wednesday on FOX at 8 p.m. ET/PT.