The cost of dating in 2024 is stressing people out, survey finds

Trying to find love can be stressful for a variety of reasons. However, a recent survey conducted by Self Financial found that money may be one of the most significant factors in dating. 

According to the survey results, nearly 69% of American adults felt uneasy about the cost of a date, while almost 68% expressed anxiety about managing expenses when planning a date.

This is not the first piece of data to indicate Americans' weariness when it comes to dating amid high inflation and cost of living. 

A separate survey from October 2022 by Lending Tree found that one in five Americans reported not dating because of the rising costs. 

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How much Americans spend on dating

Despite the growing anxiety around dating and money, Americans plan to meet "the one."

Roughly two-thirds of respondents for the Self survey said spending more on their date would make it a success. 

The average amount Americans spent on a date varied by gender. On average, men reported spending $67.87, while women spent less, $56.61 per date. 

The survey found that dinner dates were the preferred method of meeting a potential new partner. 

In fact, nearly half of all respondents said meeting for dinner was their preferred way of meeting someone, while 44% of respondents preferred coffee dates. 

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, individuals who go on one date per week spend slightly less than the average monthly dining-out expenditure of $218.42 for all Americans. 

However, expenses escalate for those dating three or more times monthly. Those dating 1-2 times a month spend an average of $57.21, whereas those dating 3-4 times spend a higher amount at $69.68.

How much each generation spends on a first date

According to a separate 2020 survey by Lending Tree, here's how the average amount spent on a first date differed by generation: 

  • Gen Z: $72
  • Millennials: $83
  • Gen X: $82
  • Baby boomers: $58