Texas Republicans say Democratic quorum break could hurt public safety

More than 50 Texas House Democrats who left the state to stop elections law changes say they aren’t coming back until the special legislative session is over.

Republicans are now saying the protest is hurting public safety by holding up bond reform legislation.

It’s been four days since the Democrats left the state for Washington D.C., preventing any legislation from moving forward in Austin.

Republican say that could mean more repeat offenders being let out of jail on bond without legislation passed.

"Whatever they are doing, I hope they think it’s worth it. I hope they think it’s worth the lives that are being cost," said St. Sen. Joan Huffman, a Republican from Houston.

"Gov. Abbott and Republican legislators will stop at nothing, absolutely unequivocally nothing to strip Texans of their freedom to vote by continuing to perpetuate the big lie of voter fraud," said St. Rep Ron Reynolds, a Democrat from Missouri City.

Warrants have been issued for the Democrats once they come back to the state. They’ll be taken to the state capitol instead of jail if arrested.

One of the Texas Democrats who fled to Washington D.C. is also now suffering repercussions.

El Paso Democrat Joe Moody was stripped of his speaker pro tempore role in the Texas House.

House speaker Dad Phelan made that announcement Thursday. He also announced he will use campaign money to send a charter plane to D.C. on Saturday to take Democrats back to Texas or at least those who are willing to go.