Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick attacks Dr. Anthony Fauci: ‘He has been wrong every time’

Texas' lieutenant governor criticized Dr. Anthony Fauci as confirmed coronavirus cases in the state continued surging to record highs.

Republican Dan Patrick said in an interview with Fox News on Tuesday night that he doesn't need Dr. Anthony Fauci's advice anymore.

"He has been wrong every time, on every issue. I don’t need his advice anymore. We’ll listen to a lot of science, we’ll listen to a lot of doctors, and [Gov. Greg Abbott], myself and other state leaders will make the decision. No thank you, Dr. Fauci,” Patrick told host Laura Ingraham.

Just hours before the interview, Texas reported that new infections skyrocketed to a single-day high of nearly 7,000 new cases and that hospitalizations continued soaring.

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Patrick has staunchly defended Texas' reopening that was among the fastest in the nation. His newest comments were in response to Fauci telling senators Tuesday that he was concerned some states may be moving too fast.

“Fauci said today he’s concerned about states like Texas that ‘skipped over’ certain things. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” Patrick said. “We haven’t skipped over anything. The only thing I’m skipping over is listening to him.”

Gov. Abbott halted the state’s reopening plan last week and rolled back several openings, most notably bars, amid an unchecked coronavirus outbreak in multiple parts of the state.

Tuesday’s comments weren’t the first time Patrick has made news regarding COVID-19. In April he told Fox News “there are more important things than living, and that’s saving this country for my children and grandchildren and saving this country for all of us."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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