Texas high school postpones ceremony after only 5 seniors meet graduation requirements

A Central Texas high school postponed its graduation ceremony after only a few seniors met the requirements.

This happened in Marlin, which is a small town about 30 miles southeast of Waco.

The commencement was set for Saturday, but that changed when only five of the 33 high school seniors were eligible to graduate.

The district superintendent did all he could, giving the failing students numerous opportunities to complete their classroom work.

Families and the media expressed their anger toward the district.

"No pressure that you can put on us through social media or the actual media is going to have us bypass the guidelines of the state," said Marlin ISD Superintendent Darryl Henson, PH.D.


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There were 17 more students who were able to meet the requirements for graduation.

The community held an informal ceremony at a church on Thursday.

The district is rescheduling commencement for next month.