Tests show blood on shirt in Bevers case belonged to dog

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Midlothian police said DNA tests from a bloody shirt being investigated in the Missy Bevers murder case have tested positive for dog blood.

Test results released on Monday also said no human blood was found on the shirt, only the dog blood. Bevers’ father in law, Randall Bevers, dropped off the shirt at a local dry cleaner four day after her murder.

Missy Bevers’ husband, Brandon Bevers, had previously said the blood on the shirt came from his father's Chihuahua, which was killed by another dog. A picture of a Chihuahua appears on the Facebook page for Brandon Bevers' mother.

Police have still not made any arrests in the case. Police previously said family members have been ruled out as suspects.

Bevers’ body was found inside the Creekside Church of Christ on Highway 287 in Midlothian on the morning of April 18. She was there to teach a 5 a.m. Camp Gladiator class.

The killer is seen on surveillance video walking through the building wearing what looks like tactical gear. Investigators were able to use the video to narrow down the height range of the killer to between 5-feet-2-inches and 5-feet-7-inches.